About Us

We have been friends for twenty years since attending college together. Combining our vision, experience and creativity, we create photography that reflects your personality, style and passion. We have a relaxed, fun attitude but don't be surprised if you catch one of us crawling 'commando style' through wet grass or climbing to the top of a building to get the shot. Knowing this day is special for you, your family and friends, we always dedicate 110%. Simply put, we love sharing your joy and celebration. Congrats!



I photograph portraits, travel, landscapes, adventure and sports for a diverse group of international advertising and editorial clients. My work has taken me all over the world including locations in North and Central America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Behind the lens, I am always looking to capture the unique angle, the magic light, the intimate perspective and the telling moment. Knowing Southwest Colorado is my home, I live in the San Juan mountains just outside Telluride with my wife, our son and our identical twin daughters.


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I'm a commercial photographer based in Durango. When I'm not shooting weddings with Randy, I photograph architecture, hospitality, environmental portraiture & outdoor lifestyle. My philosophy for photography blends compassion and sensitivity for my subjects while constantly striving to refine my technical skills. Recently, I moved my photography studio into the historic Smiley Building that is powered completely on solar energy. When not behind the camera or in the studio, I'm out exploring trails and roads on my bike or enticing a trout with fly & rod.